Singles123How does it work?

Use the interactive touch screen to take a set of three photos standing in front of the open-air booth. The photos will appear instantly on the screen. Add prints and get a physical copy of your photos in 19 seconds flat on-site.

Will I be able to see myself when I take the photo?

Yes! You’ll get a live preview which means you’ll be able to check to see if you have food in your teeth or messy hair!

Singles098How many people can fit in one photograph?

It’s totally possible to fit groups of 15+ people! I know, crazy, right?!

How many photos can I take?

As many as your little heart desires.

My uncle is 6’5″. Will he fit?

Absolutely! All of our backdrops are sized at 9″ high. Tall people rejoice!

Singles055Do I have to bring  my own props? 

Nope. You may totally customize it and bring your own, but if you’d rather not, we got you! We’ll bring 50+ props unless you tell us otherwise.

Where are you located? Do you travel? 

Scranton, PA.  And heck yes! We love traveling. There will be a travel fee within a 30 mile radius of us. Send us a little note with your event destination and we’ll create a custom quote for you.

Singles016Do you come early to set up?

We sure do. This does not count as your “photo booth” rental time! It’s complimentary.

Is a deposit required to rent the photo booth?

Yes, a 50% deposit with signed contract is required to confirm your date/time. The remaining 50% is due 7 days prior to your event.

When should I reserve the photo booth?

The sooner, the better! Everything is first come, first serve. Email to schedule your booth today!